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Application and development of Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribdes in refractories
- Jan 29, 2019 -

The industrial synthesis of silicon carbide raw materials as the main component, secondary components and silicon carbide and semi-carbonized silicon refractories with silicon carbide as the bonding system have excellent mechanical properties, thermal properties and performance, and are important in the current high temperature industry. Basic raw materials; at the same time it is also a typical Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde, which plays an important role in the steel industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, ceramics, electric power, chemical industry, shipbuilding and other industries or industries.


If you want to apply Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribdes more systematically and more effectively, you must also distinguish different grades of refractory materials according to the habits of foreign manufacturers. Among them, the advanced refractory black silicon carbide chemical composition is exactly the same as the black silicon carbide used for the abrasive, mainly used to manufacture advanced silicon carbide products.


The secondary refractory black silicon carbide is mainly used to manufacture medium and high temperature resistant kiln components, such as muffle furnace lining materials. In addition to utilizing the heat resistance and thermal conductivity of silicon carbide, these components also have their chemical stability in many cases. Low-grade refractory black silicon carbide: its silicon carbide content is required to be greater than 83%, mainly used for the lining of iron trough, ladle, zinc smelting industry and sponge iron