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Application of Nitride bonded Silicon Carbide in metallurgical industry and ceramic industry
- Jan 05, 2019 -

Nitride bonded Silicon Carbide in the metallurgical industry include steelmaking, aluminum, copper, zinc, and steel rolling. Let me talk about aluminum smelting. In the aluminum smelting furnace, we can use high-quality silicon nitride combined with silicon carbide material instead of carbon material on the side wall of the electrolytic cell. It can also be used in the lining of aluminum liquid. , and so on, can also be used as a casing for thermocouples.


In the steelmaking technology, the requirements for refractory materials are changed from the original high alumina brick to silicon nitride combined with silicon carbide, which is more resistant to corrosion. The most important use of silicon nitride as a refractory in the steelmaking industry is to use it as a level. Continuously cast separation ring. It can also be used as a water-cooled pipe rail system. Some industrial furnaces also use silicon nitride combined with silicon carbide to prevent overheating damage of some components, whether from steelmaking or aluminum smelting or zinc smelting, from wear angle and Economic efficiency is the best choice.


In addition to the metallurgical industry, Nitride bonded Silicon Carbide also have a good performance in the ceramic industry. Most of the ceramic products are now fired in roller kiln using sanitary kiln and wall tiles, while roller kiln rolls are used. The rod is basically made of silicon nitride bonded with silicon carbide. The application of Nitride bonded Silicon Carbide solves the problem of high firing temperature and heavy load, effectively reducing product energy consumption, improving product quality and reducing unnecessary