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Application of reactive sintered silicon carbide products in power electronic devices
- Oct 08, 2018 -

Reaction-sintered silicon carbide products are also widely used in power electronic devices, and in particular, they will play an increasingly advantageous role in improving power utilization efficiency and miniaturization of power electronic devices. The reaction-sintered silicon carbide product can improve the efficiency of power utilization to achieve a reduction in power loss because the reaction of the sintered silicon carbide article relative to the silicon device has advantages in reducing on-resistance and reducing switching loss.


For example, in an inverter circuit composed of a diode and a switch tube, only the diode material is changed from silicon to a reaction-sintered silicon carbide product, and the power loss of the inverter can be reduced by about 15 to 30%, if the switch tube material is also replaced. With SiC, the power loss can be reduced by more than half.


Power electronics in reactive-sintered silicon carbide products have higher switching speeds, lower losses, and higher operating temperatures than conventional products, thus enabling miniaturization of power converters while reducing or eliminating power The converter's cooling mechanism, reaction-sintered silicon carbide products, will gradually demonstrate its performance and cost advantages.