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Characteristics and installation requirements of reaction-sintered silicon carbide products
- Jul 26, 2018 -

The reaction-sintered silicon carbide product is a reaction-sintered silicon carbide as a main material, because it is a kind of high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance, high thermal conductivity and good resistance. A material with superior properties such as oxidizing properties, so this material can be made into a variety of geometric shapes and products for different purposes.


At present, the reaction-sintered silicon carbide products mainly include square beams, sticks, fire nozzles, radiant tubes, thermocouple protection sleeve sandblasting nozzles, wear parts, desulfurization nozzles, crucibles, crucibles, seals and special shapes. Grinding structural parts, etc. Silicon carbide nozzles are a very representative reaction-sintered silicon carbide product.


When it is installed, the surface must be kept clean, otherwise the fastening effect will be reduced. The installer must check it. Make sure that all the dust covering the joint area is cleaned. At the same time, keep the silicon carbide nozzle dry and combine enough. To withstand the pressure generated by the normal operation of the silicon carbide nozzle; for each bonding system, ensure that their entire surface is involved in bonding; the washer that deviates from the shaft center is moderately tight.


Reactive sintered silicon carbide products rely on a series of excellent properties to make them have a long service life even under harsh conditions, and become a key component in important production equipment in various industries.