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Characteristics of Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde clay combined with silicon carbide brick
- Feb 21, 2019 -

Clay-bonded silicon carbide brick is an Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde made of silicon carbide as the main raw material and clay as a binder. It is characterized by high thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal shock resistance and wear resistance, and is one of the early developments in SiC bricks.


This Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde is made of black silicon carbide. Its chemical composition: SiC 98.0%, free C 0.5%, Fe 0.2%, free SiO2 0.6%, made of soft clay and pulp waste with good bonding properties. Binding agent. The proportion of bonded clay used in the past is relatively large, generally 10% to 15%, and 3% of clay and 5% pulp waste are now used.


The thermal conductivity of silicon carbide bricks with less clay added is 3 to 4 times higher than that of clay-bonded silicon carbide bricks, and the load softening temperature and slag resistance are also higher. The manufacturing process of combining 3% clay with SiC bricks is to prepare coarse, medium and fine SiC according to the particle grading which can obtain the maximum bulk density. After the dry mixing is uniform, the clay is added, and after 3 minutes of dry mixing, 4% of the pulp waste liquid is added, and the mixture is kneaded. The moisture content of the mud material is about 1.5%. After 12 hours of trapping, the mud material passes through a 4 mm screen and is formed by a brick press. The brick has a bulk density of 2.5 to 2.79/cm3. It is dried under natural drying conditions for 2 to 4 days, and fired in a tunnel kiln at a firing temperature of 1400 °C.


This combination is formed by coking and carbonization of an organic binder at a high temperature. The Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde can be used as a ceramic kiln, a muffle cover for a muffle furnace, a furnace lining brick for an aluminum refining furnace, and a zinc distillation furnace. Use a distillation tank, a cement rotary kiln cooler,