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Conditions and lifetime of oxide bonded silicon carbide product forming blanks
- Nov 28, 2018 -

Oxide bonded silicon carbide products are characterized by high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, fast heating, long life, low temperature deformation, convenient installation and maintenance, and good chemical stability, so they are favored by users. In order to ensure the quality, the billet should not contain water and minimize the bubbles; the components in the billet should be well mixed and the particle size should be as large as possible; in addition, the amount of binder in the bad material should be appropriate.


The influencing factors of the service life of oxide bonded silicon carbide products depend firstly on determining the internal volume of the furnace, and then determining the total power required according to the furnace temperature of 1300 degrees, and determining the oxide bonded carbonization according to the furnace size, furnace power and furnace temperature. The size of the silicon product is calculated, whereby the surface area of each of the heating element portions is calculated, and the required amount of silicon carbon rods is calculated from the total power and the partial power of each rod. Finally, the resistance value of each rod is determined according to the external circuit and the voltage regulating device.


Especially after the furnace temperature exceeds 1600 ° C, the oxidation rate is accelerated, and the service life of the oxide bonded silicon carbide product is shortened, so please try not to let the surface temperature of the raw material be too high, and it is necessary to reduce the difference between the furnace temperature and the raw material temperature.