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Deoxidation performance of nitrogen-carbon bonded silicon carbide products in casting production
- Aug 20, 2018 -

In the actual production process, nitrogen-carbon combined with silicon carbide products have gradually played a certain role in casting, especially the role of silicon carbide in castings instead of ferrosilicon, reducing production costs and improving the quality of castings. The performance is inseparable.


When SiC reacts with oxygen in the liquid slag phase or liquid metal, a large amount of heat of combustion is strongly released, because the formed SiO2 rapidly escapes in this case, and the kinetic conditions of the reaction are enhanced, which is a deoxidation process. It is very helpful. The Si and C contained in SiC have the potential to be oxidized. When the temperature is the same, the potential of the two is about the same. Therefore, SiC is not only a cold wind cupola, but also an excellent deoxidizer for the hot air cupola. .


The deoxidation of nitrogen-carbon bonded silicon carbide products is in the induction furnace. SiSiC and CSiC are determined by the amount of scrap added and its quality, which is between 85% and more than 95%. The length of the lining life is related to the degree of oxidation of the metal charge and the influence of the low melting point compound introduced by the charge. Since SiC has a strong ability to reduce metal oxides in the charge, it can greatly improve the negative interference caused by poor conditions.