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How to do well in reaction-sintered silicon carbide products
- Jan 28, 2019 -

Reaction-sintered silicon carbide products are becoming more and more clear in the Chinese market. To do this kind of product, we must first locate the market. Reaction-sintered silicon carbide products are now a lot of things. We are targeting the mid- to high-end market, and we strive for the lowest price while doing good quality.


Secondly, we must equip with various equipment to ensure the supply of output. We first use the quantity to occupy the market and use the cycle to guarantee customers. At the same time, we must increase management efforts. Reacting sintered silicon carbide products is a relatively sophisticated product. To improve the yield, we must do a good job in management, starting with process documents and striving to improve quality.


Reaction-sintered silicon carbide products, as the name implies, are products made of silicon carbide materials. Because the reaction-sintered silicon carbide products are resistant to high temperature, corrosion and wear, they are widely used. For example, they can be used as grinding media and bulletproof carbonization for ball mills. Silicon ceramics, seal rings, etc., to improve the service life and reliability of the