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Oxide bonded silicon carbide ceramic
- May 11, 2018 -

Oxide bonded silicon carbide used for firing general chinaware and ceramic product (temperature below 1,450°C), is made by SiC bonded by Silicon Oxide (Si2O3), and technically called "Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide".

This SiC refractory has very high thermal conductivity (almost 10 times higher than mullite refractory) and high radiation rate of Long-wavelength infrared that bring very high heat efficiency toward products.

In terms of cost performance for firing general chinaware and ceramic products, this Oxide Bonded SiC is the most valuable and suitable refractory.

Maximum recommended service temperature of our SiC Plate (O-SiC) is 1,450°C. When the application temperature is over 1,450°C, you should choose Recrystallized SiC (Re-SiC) / Max. 1,600°C or Alumina Setter / Max. 1,750°C.