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Performance and repair of Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde
- Jan 18, 2019 -

Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribdes have excellent thermal conductivity, high thermal shock resistance, high load-softening point and good wear resistance. They are widely used in the manufacture of horseshoe-shaped furnaces, furnace tubes, box-type electric furnace bottom plates and horses of various shapes. Fu tunnel kiln flame plate, rolling steel heating furnace track, roller sleeve, various kiln furnaces, power plant large boiler first and second wind nozzle brick and steel smelting, non-ferrous metal smelting, blast furnace bottom, belly and Smelting metal pots, etc.


The Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde is made of silicon carbide micropowder with excellent combination and has good suspension and gelation properties. It is suitable for spraying various furnace linings to increase the heat radiation capacity of the furnace wall and improve heat. Exchange to achieve energy saving purposes.


When the Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde is baked, the temperature only needs to reach about 150 ° C, and the baking work can be put into operation. In the construction of the kiln, in order to prevent cracking and falling of special parts, we also recommend the use of high temperature cement