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Production process and application range of oxide-bonded silicon carbide products
- Jul 25, 2018 -

Oxide-bonded silicon carbide products are fired refractory products in which silicon carbide is the main crystalline phase and oxide is the combined phase. The common ones are silica-bonded silicon carbide products, mullite-bonded silicon carbide products, etc. It is widely used in metallurgy, ceramics, building materials and other industries.


When producing oxide-bonded silicon carbide products, the main raw material required is silicon carbide, adding expansion agent and anti-oxidant, effectively improving the load softening temperature of the product, improving the anti-oxidation effect, using si02 micropowder as high-temperature bonding phase, high-temperature firing Made.


The special raw materials and processes make the oxide-bonded silicon carbide products exhibit good thermal conductivity and high thermal stability. They are not deformed for a long time under high temperature, do not soften, do not produce loose expansion, and can maintain the inherent thermal conductivity of silicon carbide. Save energy, increase production, and improve economic efficiency.


For the time being, oxide-bonded silicon carbide products are suitable for use in various architectural ceramic kiln, daily-use ceramic kiln, sanitary ceramic kiln, grinding wheel kiln, smoke barrier, push plate, slab, bracket, raft, It can be used in various industrial furnaces such as coal-fired gas and fuel oil, and can also be used as lining material and tank material in metallurgical industry.