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Protection of Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde products and its quality influencing factors
- Dec 28, 2018 -

From the point of view of the production process of Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde products, there are three main factors affecting the quality of the products. On the one hand, the clay composition and the composition of the clay are different. The silicon carbide products produced, the bulk density and the compressive strength index will be There are differences; on the other hand, molding pressure, under the same conditions, different molding pressures will have an effect on the quality of Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde products.


On the other hand, it is the SiC particle size composition, which is also one of the important factors affecting the mass parameters such as bulk density, apparent porosity, compressive strength and thermal conductivity of the bonded Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde products. In order to prolong its service life, firstly, the Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde product should be protected from moisture during storage; when the bolt-type clamp is used, it must be tightened once after running for a period of time to prevent the clip from loosening and the rod being touched badly.


Water vapor promotes the accelerated ageing of Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde products; if moisture is removed during the heating process, vent holes are required on the furnace. New furnaces or furnaces that have not been used for a long time must be ovend before use. Use other heat sources or old rods when using the oven. There are other corrosive atmospheres in the furnace. In the case of the promise, there should also be vent holes on the kiln. In the process of transportation, unpacking, installation, and replacement, it is necessary to take care of it and prohibit strong sensation or mechanical impact to avoid