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Selection requirements for wear-resistant bushings of oxide bonded silicon caribde
- Dec 07, 2018 -

The wear-resistant bushing as an oxide-bonded silicon carbide product is generally a soft material which has a certain degree of wear during friction and is replaced after a certain degree of wear.

When selecting a silicon carbide wear-resistant bushing, the first thing to consider is the properties of the contact material, including the surface roughness, hardness, and properties of the material itself. Second to consider is the working environment of the silicon carbide wear-resistant bushing.


Of course, the requirements for the wear resistance of oxide bonded silicon carbide are relative, not only depending on the bushing itself, but also on the material properties of the bushing contact, and the bushing material comes into contact with .The hardness is very low, the surface is very rough, and it is easy to be worn out.


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