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The characteristics of each of the three types of products in Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde
- Dec 21, 2018 -

The combined mineral composition of the Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde is mainly composed of quartz, mullite and silicate glass. According to the difference in the phase composition of the combined phase, the Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde is classified into silicon oxide. There are three combinations of stone combination and clay.


Clay-bonded silicon carbide articles in Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribdes typically have a silicon carbide content of 50% to 90%. The raw material of the combined phase is mainly composed of a combination of clay, and a mineral fine powder material such as sillimanite, andalusite, and kyanite is usually added, and the firing temperature is 1350 to 1450 degrees, and can be fired together with the clay refractory material. The nature and content of the combined phase materials will affect the properties of the article. Clay-bonded silicon carbide products are mainly used as flame shields and ceramic kiln furniture for various industrial furnaces.


The mullite conjugated silicon carbide article in the Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde is a class of higher-grade silicon carbide products developed on the basis of clay-bonded silicon carbide. The raw materials for the phase are usually selected from high purity aluminum oxide and silica fine powder, sometimes with a small amount of sillimanite, andalusite and kyanite fine powder. The combined phase composition is mainly mullite and the glass phase is lower. . Currently in ceramics, non-ferrous metallurgy, machinery and other industries are still in use.


The silica-bonded silicon carbide article in the Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde consists essentially of a silica-bonded silicon carbide material combined with phase-series quartz, cristobalite, and a small amount of a silicon-rich glass phase. The combined phase raw materials are selected from high purity styling or amorphous silica fine powder or fine powder, and a small amount of mineralizer is usually added to the ingredients. Silica-bonded silicon carbide has a higher flexural strength than mullite-bonded silicon carbide, and such products are mainly used as kiln furniture