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The important application of silicon nitride ceramics
- Apr 04, 2018 -

The initial application of silicon nitride ceramics is mainly used in machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, aerospace, semiconductor and other industries, as part of certain equipment or products, and has achieved very good expected results. In recent years, with the development of manufacturing processes and test and analysis technologies, the reliability of silicon nitride ceramic products has been continuously improved, so the application area is continuously expanding. Particularly worthy of appreciation is the development of silicon nitride ceramic engines, and has made great progress, which has become a major event in science and technology. The main contents of the application are:

(1) In the metallurgical industry, components such as crucibles, muffle furnaces, burners, heating fixtures, casting molds, aluminum liquid conduits, thermocouple temperature measurement protection tubes, and aluminum electrolytic cell linings are manufactured. The

(2) High-speed turning tools, bearings, support parts for heat treatment of metal parts, rotor engine blades, guide vanes and turbine blades for gas turbines, etc. are manufactured in the machinery industry. The

(3) Ball valves, pump bodies, seal rings, filters, heat exchanger parts, immobilized catalyst carriers, burning boats, evaporating dishes, etc. are made in the chemical industry. The

(4) In the semiconductor, aerospace, atomic energy and other industries for the manufacture of switch circuit substrates, film capacitors, electrical insulators subjected to extreme temperature or temperature changes, radomes, missile nozzles, supports and spacers in atomic reactors , nuclear fissile material carriers. The

(5) Artificial joints can be made in medical engineering. The

(6) The silicon nitride all-ceramic engine being developed replaces the same type of metal engine.