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The principle of thermocouple
- Apr 04, 2018 -

The thermocouple mainly completes the related functions according to the “thermoelectric effect”. The thermoelectric effect refers to a closed loop composed of two different conductors. Assuming that one end is the A end, the temperature is Ta, the other end is the B end, and the temperature is Tb. When Ta and Tb are not equal, there is current flowing in the loop, thus generating electromotive force. The magnitude of the electromotive force affects the temperature difference between the two ends of the hand A and B. We call this phenomenon “thermoelectric effect” and form a loop between the two conductors. Called "thermocouple", the generated electromotive force is called "thermal electromotive force."

In thermocouple temperature measurement process, we call one end of two conductors in a closed circuit a “free end” to make it in a constant temperature state, and the other end is called a “work end” to connect the object to be measured, and when the object to be tested is connected When a closed loop is formed, a thermoelectromotive force is generated due to the effect of a temperature difference. Therefore, the working end temperature can be obtained by the thermoelectromotive force and the free-end conductor temperature to complete the function of temperature measurement.

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