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Thermocouple protection tube: insulating and environmentally friendly material
- Apr 04, 2018 -

Temperature protection thermocouple protection tube, insulation tube temperature protection thermocouple protection tube is mainly used to protect the temperature measuring element, so that the temperature measurement element is isolated from the outside world, reduce or prevent the elements in the process of being used by external substances , oxidation or damage. The insulating tube is made of a material with good insulating properties, and is mainly to separate the different poles of the temperature measuring element to avoid interference of the two poles or contact with the short circuit, so that the temperature measurement is accurate. When using a thermocouple with a protective tube, the temperature measuring element that is used for insulation protection is set inside the protective tube and then the open end and the even head are sealed together with a high temperature cement. When the temperature is measured, the sealed end is inserted into the temperature measurement area, and when used, quenching and rapid heating are avoided so as to avoid excessive damage to the protection tube. When the insulating tube is used, the two poles of the temperature measuring element can be inserted into different holes in the same direction.