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What Are The Applications Of Silicon Carbide Ceramics
- Apr 04, 2018 -

Bulletproof board: Silicon carbide ceramics are widely used in bulletproof armor due to their high hardness, low specific weight, good ballistic performance, and low price, such as the protection of vehicles and ships, as well as the protection of civil safes and armored cars. The ballistic performance of silicon carbide ceramics is superior to that of alumina ceramics, which is approximately 70-80% of that of boron carbide ceramics. However, due to its low price, it is particularly suitable for applications where the amount is large and the protective armor cannot be too thick or heavy. The SIC-2 silicon carbide ceramics produced by our company are characterized by high strength and good toughness. As bullet-proof armor materials, their anti-multi-strike performance is very good, so the overall protective effect is better than that of ordinary silicon carbide ceramics. In the lightweight protective armor of the ceramic body, the crushing point of the ceramic body is more than 6.5 tons, and the protective effect is obviously better than the protective armor of the cylindrical ceramic body using ordinary silicon carbide ceramics.

Nozzles: There are many kinds of ceramic materials used as nozzles, commonly used are alumina, silicon carbide and boron carbide ceramics. Alumina ceramic nozzles have a low price, but due to their low hardness, their wear resistance is poor, and they are mostly used in occasions where the blasting work is not large. The service life of silicon carbide ceramics is 3-5 times that of alumina ceramics, which is comparable to that of cemented carbides. It is mostly used as an alternative to cemented carbide, especially in the case of hand-held spray guns. The SIC-2 silicon carbide ceramics produced by our company have good toughness and can be used in blasting conditions with impact and vibration. The following table shows the basic characteristics of commonly used ceramic blasting nozzles.

Grinding discs: Grinding discs are an important process equipment for the production of wafers for VLSI in the semiconductor industry. Commonly used cast iron or carbon steel grinding discs have a low service life and a large coefficient of thermal expansion. In the process of processing silicon wafers, especially during high-speed grinding or polishing, the flatness and parallelism of the wafers are difficult to guarantee due to the abrasion and thermal deformation of the abrasive discs. The use of silicon carbide ceramic grinding disc due to the high hardness of the abrasive disc wear, and the thermal expansion coefficient and the silicon is basically the same, which can be high-speed grinding, polishing. In particular, the increasing size of silicon wafers in recent years has placed higher demands on the quality and efficiency of wafer grinding. The use of silicon carbide ceramic grinding discs will greatly improve the quality and efficiency of wafer grinding. At the same time, the silicon carbide ceramic grinding disk can also be used to grind and polish the flat surfaces of sheet-like or block-like objects of other materials.