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What are the precautions for the maintenance work of rReaction Bonded Silicon Carbides
- Feb 20, 2019 -

The rReaction Bonded Silicon Carbide is a product which is very commonly used in the industrial field. It has the main advantages of high strength, no slag, no cracking, long life and easy replacement, so it is widely used in roller kiln and tunnel kiln. , shuttle kiln and other fields with very strong professionalism.


RReaction Bonded Silicon Carbides play a very important role in the chemical industry and have many performance advantages when used. When the silicon carbide material is blasted to 1300 ° C in oxygen, a protective layer of silicon dioxide has been formed on the surface of the silicon carbide crystal. Following the thickening of the protective layer, the silicon carbide is prevented from being combined, which causes the reaction to be sintered and carbonized. Silicon products have good resistance to chemicals.


When the temperature reaches 1900K (1627 ° C) or more, the silicon-silicon protective film has been damaged, and the compounding effect of the rReaction Bonded Silicon Carbide is aggravated. Because of the utility of the silicon-silicon protective film, the acid-resistant ability of the rReaction Bonded Silicon Carbide is very strong in terms of acid resistance, alkali resistance and compound utility. The good properties of the rReaction Bonded Silicon Carbides make us more practical to use, and we also need to do maintenance work to extend their service