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What is the quality of Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribdes?
- Mar 15, 2019 -

What is the quality of Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribdes?

The main material for Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribdes is silicon carbide, which is a very widely used and very economical material. The Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde has the characteristics of hardness, high corrosion resistance and high high temperature strength.


When making Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribdes, first make a green sheet according to the drawings, decompose the customer's drawings, and make molds for silicon carbide. Secondly, the silicon carbide is pressed according to the green sheet, and the vehicle is manufactured. Then, it is sintering, and different sintering is performed according to different processes.


The quality of the Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde affects the efficiency of the entire production process and process. The oxide-bonded silicon carbide powder has different composition, and the silicon carbide products produced have different bulk density and compressive strength indexes. Under the same conditions, different molding pressures will affect the quality of the sintered silicon carbide beam roller.


The Oxide Bonded Silicon Caribde silicon carbide tube adheres to the scientific selection of raw materials, forms through a rigorous production process, enters the intelligent drying room to dry, adopts an advanced vacuum sintering furnace, and is inspected by numerical control testing equipment to ensure the safety of