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The Basic Properties Of Silicon Nitride Ceramics
- Apr 04, 2018 -

Many properties of silicon nitride are attributed to this structure. Pure Si3N4 is 3119, which has two crystal structures of α and β, all of which are hexagonal crystals. Its decomposition temperature is 1800°C in air and 1850°C in 110MPa nitrogen. Si3N4 has a low thermal expansion coefficient and high thermal conductivity, so it has excellent thermal shock resistance. The hot-pressed silicon nitride will not break when it is heated to 1000°C and put into cold water. At not too high temperatures, Si3N4 has high strength and impact resistance, but at 1200 °C or more, it will break with the increase of the use of time, so that its strength is reduced, fatigue damage is more likely to occur above 1450 °C, so Si3N4 The use of the temperature is generally not more than 1300 °C. Since Si3N4 has a low theoretical density and is much lighter than steel and engineering superalloy steels, it is appropriate to use Si3N4 ceramic instead of alloy steel in places where high strength, low density, and high temperature resistance are required. Now.